General Features

What is Stardustwebcams ?

Stardustwebcams is a live chat service providing online video entertainment for adults through personalized and highly exclusive sex-shows. A live chat service is basically a hub where you can meet and choose your model(s) before connecting through your webcam.

Is it live chats or pre-recorded ones?

All the chats are live, real-time ones.

So everything is live ?

Yes. Except, of course, the videos that you can purchase on the bio page of each model

How to start a conversation?

In the model windows appearing on the main page, click either “Free chat” or “Private chat” in order to access the video page.

What is the difference between Free chat & Private chat

Free chat is the place where you choose your future model. You can see her through webcam, send her text messages, along with other visitors, and make sure that she fits your requirement for more intimate chat options. Once you have selected a model, you can start a Private Chat, but you have other choices available, such as Group Chat or a Voyeur Chat.

What is the difference between Free chat, Group Chat, Private chat and Voyeur Chat?

Free chat is the first step. You watch the model live, you can type messages and chat with her, along with other visitors of the site. If you like what you see, it is time to opt for Group Chat or Private chat.

Group chat is bringing together several registered customers who are enjoying the show together. Customers cannot see one another, but they all can see the model. They can even talk to her and ask her for a full-blown, hardcore sex show. Group chat can be great fun. Several guys are bringing together their respective fantasies to direct the model in a sexual orgy that is both unexpected and exciting for every member.

Private chat. There, you are alone with the model. You direct the show, and the model follows your every wish. You have total control. If you decide to do so, you can even turn on your own webcam, in order to add some intimacy to the show. Private chat is the most thrilling erotic experience you can have on the net.

Voyeur Chat is a fun and surprising way to enjoy a full-blown, hardcore sex show from a different perspective. With this option, the customer can watch the Group Chat of his choice, without the ability to talk and to interact with other participants. A tremendously exciting experience, especially for the adepts of spying sex-games…

Can I talk to the web model in Free chat?

In Free chat, you can write to the models, but you cannot talk to them, due to the high number of visitors that can be connected at the same time. You have to enter Private Chat or Group Chat to start audio conversations. Voyeur Chat, by essence, will not allow you to interact with other participants. You can hear what other members and the models are saying, you can see the full performance of the models, but you cannot speak and interfere in the show.

How to go from “Free chat” to “Private chat”?

When you decide to engage in a private chat, just click the “Private Chat” button on the right hand side of the screen and the conversation will start automatically.

And for Group chat ?

Group chat involves several members so it is usually planned in advance for a certain time by the models, at a given time and date. Just register by clicking on the “Group Chat” button and start enjoying the show!

And what about Voyeur Chat?

When a Group Chat has started, you just have to click on Voyeur Chat to sneak into the show ;)

I can see the model but… Can she see me?

The model cannot see you in Free Chat, in Group Chat and in Voyeur Chat. But in Private Chat, it is entirely up to you. There is a small icon on the bottom-left of your video chat screen. Just click on it to turn on and off your webcam at anytime.

How to end a conversation?

Just click the “End Chat” button on the right hand side of the video and the connection is immediately stopped.

Can I create my own list of favorites/preferred models?

Yes. That will allow you to find in no time the Ladies that you like most. If you want to add a Model just click on “Add to Favorites”, either on her Profile Page or on her Chat Page.

Can I be notified when one of my favorite models comes online?

Yes. You will be notified by email (if you wish to) as soon as one of them is coming online. This service is provided by Stardustwebcams at no extra cost to our Dear Customers.

Can I know in advance when my favorite models will be around?

Yes. Each of our models has a planning table on her Bio page. Please have a look at it, if you wish to set up an appointment with her. You can also talk to her directly in order to make sure that she will be online at your next connection.

And what if she does not show up? :(

We kindly advise our models to use their planning table and to stick to their agenda, in order to provide top-quality service for our Dear Customers. However, some unexpected events might lead to last minute modifications in the Ladies’ schedules. We apologize for the inconvenience that it might cause.

Any other nice features to make my experience more enjoyable?

Search engine: if you know what kind of model you are looking for, just insert your various requests about physical appearance and sexual turnons/turnoffs in our search engine: all the models that are fitting your requirements will appear right in front of you:).

Browse categories: for a matter of convenience, we have grouped models into several basic categories (blonde, big tits, etc.…) to match your taste and your requests in only one click.

Email to models: this feature allows you to send emails to models, even they are offline, with a guaranteed, personnalized answer. This service is free, and it will be available from the 30th December.

How can I view the videos of the models?

On a profile page, below the main picture, click on “My Video Gallery”. The non-registered customers can watch only the free videos posted by models (usually short ones), while registered customers can watch the private videos as well by clicking on “Switch to private video”.

Why should I rate and/or comment a model?

Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us and to our models. By rating and commenting the models’ performances, you allow us to monitor and to improve the quality of our service.

Who will see those ratings and comments ?

All the other potential customers of the model browsing our site. Those ratings and comments are public and therefore very important for the model’s image.

I want something special in the show… Shall I ask her ?

Of course! Our models are dedicated to your pleasure and your full satisfaction. They will do their utmost best to turn your private chat into an unforgettable moment. So if you are looking for something special, don’t hesitate to ask!

Are tips and gifts an obligation?

No. It is just a great way to say thank you and to show that you appreciated the performance. Also, with a nice tip, you will become a « privileged » customer, with all the advantages that it might bring!

About the models

Where are they coming from?

Everywhere. From Philippines to Peru and from Canada to Australia. Our site is becoming very popular, because we take great care of our Ladies and we offer them very generous conditions, in return for excellent customer service. Models from new countries are registered hardly every day :)

Do they speak English?

They do. At least a basic English for some of them.

Do you ask them to work a minimum number of hours per week?

No. Models are taking the decision. They decide how many hours they work. We do not interfere in the process.

How do you make sure they are more than 18?

At the time of the registration, the model needs to provide a copy of her ID with the name, picture and date of birth clearly visible. They are also required to sign a contract stating that they are above 18 years-old at the time of registration before being able to work online.

If the copy of the ID is not clearly readable, better copies are asked to the model before her registration can be accepted.

If the model looks a bit too “young” for our team, despite showing a clear proof of ID stating that she is above 18, a second proof of ID is required, in order to validate the registration.

In order to make sure that the model working on one account is the one who initially registered on it, we make regular snapshots of the models’ screens.

Do you take additional measures to fight child pornography ?

Even if their identity has been carefully checked, we do not allow our models to present themselves as minors in any ways, including but not limited to: altering their visual appearance (unnecessary dental braces, pigtails, school uniforms, ect…) and using ambivalent screen-names related to “teens” like “six-teen”, “7-teen”, etc...

What happens if a customer request sex shows performed by under-aged models ?

Our models and our staff in general have been thoroughly briefed on this topic. They are asked to report us any such behavior with no delay. We greatly value the privacy of our Customers, and we respect the various fantasies of each of them. But we have a zero tolerance policy on child pornography. Therefore, any proven misconduct will be swiftly reported to the relevant authorities, and will also lead to the immediate exclusion of the site.

Besides, Stardustwebcams follows ASACP (Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection) best practices and intends to become a member of this Association in the very near future.

Also, This website fully support and comply with 18 U.S.C. § 2257, 28 CFR Part 75. To learn more, please click here

If I am not happy about one model’s performance, what should I do?

Your satisfaction is our first priority. If you are disappointed by the performance of one model, please contact us and let us know precisely what happened. We will immediately investigate the matter and take all the necessary steps to ensure that the issue is swiftly resolved.

Billing & technical

Does the model have access to my name & other personal informations?

Models have no access at all to your name and other personal details. These are stored and protected on our database. Access to it is restricted and confidential.

How do you protect my payment details?

Our payment processor uses a top class 256 Bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt personal informations, including your name, address and credit card details. In this way, information passed between your computer and us cannot be read in the unlikely event of someone intercepting it.

For your additional security and to protect your personal information we request that you re-enter your password each time you wish to view a page containing your personal details.

How quick can I get started?

It will take you no more than a few minutes to register. After that, you can start browsing the site and connect with all our great models.

How can I buy credit?

Once registered, just click on the “+” sign, next to your live balance (top left of the main menu). You can then opt for several amounts and for several payment methods. Once the operation is completed, you will be redirected to our site. It’s a fast and smooth operation, that takes only a few clicks.

What about payment: how will they appear on my credit card or bank statements?

You will be debited by or

Do you bill the private chats per minute or per second?

You will be billed per second, so you never pay for extra time that you did not spend with the model.

How can I check my balance?

Your balance is always visible on the screen (in the top-left of the main menu) and is constantly updated while you are connected with a model.

How can I cancel my registration?

You can send us an email and we will reply to you in the next 3 hours with a confirmation of your account closure. Alternatively, you can keep your account “inactive” for as long as you want: there are no costs involved and you won’t have to open a new one, if you start missing one of our dream girls! :)


I have some additional questions. How can I contact you?

Customer satisfaction lies at the heart of everything we do. Therefore, we believe that you should be able to talk to us at anytime, not only by email or Instant Messenger, but although by phone if you wish to.

Our 24/7 Customer Service Team will always be ready to provide you with a dedicated and personalized assistance on any question that you might have. Please click here to find out the different ways to contact us.