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Adult free chat in the webcam era

Adult free chat on webcam is probably the fastest growing industry of the planet for several years in a row. Besides, adult free chat did not encounter any of the typical problems of free internet businesses, hoping to convert their massive traffic into hard revenues. Unlike other companies that are still struggling to turn their global presence into profitable operations, adult webcam has opted for a mix of full-open policy and premium products that allowed it to turn its massive audience into a great profit making machine. How did it went so fast and so well for adult free chat, while other free, non-adult networks are struggling to make money? Technological advance linked to internet and the widespread use of webcam have created the perfect conditions for the development of adult webcam.

Unlike conventional sites using private chatrooms exclusively aimed at paying customers, chat in sites are proposing the opposite. Through personal webcam, anybody enjoy an adult free chat without payment or even registration. The live adult concept allows the visitor to sit and watch through their webcam for free, or to tip anytime during the show. Exactly like in a real-life strip tease bar, with a noticeable difference: there is no entry ticket on an adult webcam site. No profit on drinks, for example. Therefore, you might think that betting on camgirls carries a huge risk? Well, it doesn’t…

Live adult has a competitive hedge that very few other adult webcam sites can hope for: its instant ability to generate advertising revenues. Traffic on an chat in site that allows even non-paying visitors to enjoy hardcore sex shows through webcam is bound to be huge. The price of adds on such adult free chat site is soaring at the speed of light, and this side-profits should fill the gap generated by free visitors.

It should, but does it? Adult webcam sites are definitely better than, say, social networks, at turning visits into hard cash. The fine balance between free and premium services stroke by some of the best adult free chat sites of the industry is a real killing. While some visitors are paying for everybody, the non-paying ones are still contributing to the overall value of the camgirls site for advertising purposes. But such an equilibrium is tough to find, and many adult webcam sites have miserably failed at the fine-tuning stage, when they had to decide what should be free and what should be considered as a premium service in the live adult pricing structure.

Another difficulty for live adult is to estimate the breakeven value of a given webcam show. Should a model working on an chat in site start a dildo or strip tease show for 10, 50 or 100 dollars? Such decision depends on several volatile factors like traffic, time, number of models on line, revenue sharing agreement, and operating costs. All that makes adult free chat a very complex business to handle.

Another problem inherent to live adult site is to manage the models. Some webcam girls will not follow the advises of the management team regarding the price of the shows. Such lack of discipline can quickly lead an adult webcam site to bankruptcy.

Of course, adult free chat sites can always rely on advertising. But only up to a point… Advertising on an chat in site might seem appealing at first sight, but take a closer look and the image becomes a bit more blurred. live adult sites are generating massive traffic. But on adult webcam sites, 80% of the visitors are coming to enjoy the webcam shows precisely because they won’t have to pay. So, for an advertising company willing to invest in an chat in site, the core value of such an operation is not fully reflected by the traffic.

The quality of traffic on adult free chat sites is usually very poor. Unlike traditional adult chat site, which impose tight restrictions on free visits, guests of adult webcam sites often don’t have the financial ability to purchase the side products advertised on each page. …

For webcam models, chat in is also a drag. An average webcam girl can just sit on a pay-per-minute site and expect to earn decent amount through private chats. This won’t be the case in adult free chat sites. In order to start being tipped, webcam models have to stay active all the time, teasing guests and visitors. Working on adult webcam site is a much harder job. And it does not bring more money at the end of the day.

Some webcam girls have stated that they made more money on an adult webcam sites than on private chat ones. Usually this is due to a difference in site quality. If they worked on one of the top live adult sites and on a small, poorly managed private chat one, the result must obviously have been better with the former than with the latter. However, for two webcam chat sites of equal quality, webcam models will have to work much harder on the camgirls one to earn the same amount of money.

Adult free chat sites are very, very difficult to handle for their owners. Live chat is already a complicated business but this innovative segment requires amazing skills. To succeed with an camgirls site , you need to be able to operate a conventional adult webcam business and to constantly fine tune the “free” and “premium” sides of your operations, in order to keep customer happy and to keep your business profitable. Because operating an chat in site doesn’t mean you have to give away everything without any return. Adult webcam is just a marketing concept to attract large traffic into your site. But this is the beginning, not the end. You will have to fight hard every day, in an ever-changing environment, to turn those visitors into big and returning spenders.

Some sites have already proven that adult free chat business is working well. But there are very few, and many more have failed. Besides, those succeeding adult webcam sites have not worked better than other large conventional adult webcam sites. So with much more difficulties ahead and for an almost equivalent result, do camgirls sites really have a future?

Probably.  Not because the business model of adult free chat sites is so great, but simply because other sites relying on private chats are under fierce competition to lower their prices. This kind of competition is unlikely to affect adult webcam sites, as they charge nothing to those who are not willing to pay in the first place. Furthermore, many customers from private and group chats are likely to turn to those chat in sites, where the cost of tipping for webcam shows is anyway smaller than what they are used to pay. In turn, those new paying customers could increase the value of advertising on adult webcam sites, raising profits to ever higher levels.

Yes, adult free chat might have a future. But again, no mistakes are allowed when you offer services “for free”. Costs keep on running day after day, so revenues should come fast! One might become the new king of the live webcam industry through chat in. But many more companies will die trying to achieve that…