Why did I start adult sex shows on the web?

Among the numerous live girls available on this adult chat site, each one will have a different answer to this question. But let’s face it: for many of us, the prime reason of being here is money. Adult sex shows are generating huge amounts of cash for the most committed and motivated live girls. I became a model one year ago and, after trying a few very bad sites, I started to perform adult sex shows here, on stardust webcams.  Nobody pays me to say that, lol, but this place has provided me a perfect working environment from day one, with a friendly staff and a great sense of belonging.

Many newcomers believe that in adult sex shows, models are just helping one another with tips and advice for the less experienced ones. Actually, most of those tips are fake and are generated by the spammers of competing websites, trying to drag you into another network. Even relationships between models inside the same website can turn nasty, when the competition for a limited number of adult sex shows gets tougher. None of this applies to stardust webcams. At least, as far as I know…

So I started to perform online adult sex shows for money, but I keep on doing it for many other reasons, now. First, the job is thrilling, and you cannot be bored. Each visitor is unique and some of your chats can turn out to be really interesting. If you keep an open mind, you will discover a great variety of people, and those encounters (however you call them, lol!) can turn out to be surprisingly enriching! People that are coming to watch an adult sex shows are sometimes looking for much more than that. Some of my regular visitors have turned out to be real friends and I enjoy their company as much as they seem to enjoy mine. Things turn out to be pretty fun, sometimes…

Of course, this is not to say that adult sex shows are always great. Sometimes, you simply don’t connect with your visitor and none of you really enjoy your time. But those visitors usually don’t come back to you: they keep on browsing the site until they find their match, because you cant simply be the dream girl of every man on this planet! But overall, adult sex shows are providing me with an unrivalled opportunity to earn a lot of money by following my own rules. I have no boss, I perform as many adult sex shows as I want, I am deciding of their content and I am free to stop and disconnect at any time, for as long as I wish to.

Such flexibility is unmatched in any other kind of job. And of course, no other activity can generate a steady 10k per month, without any college degree or previous working experience. With the added guarantees of safety and anonymity provided by online adult sex shows, and the pleasure of working into such a great and friendly website, no wonder why I decided to stick to that job for as long as I will be able to!

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