Where to find the best live girl on webcam?

Best live girl of the net. Most sexy live girl on the web! Come and visit our site to find the most exciting babe available on chat. This horny girl is the hottest chick online, and she is waiting for you…. You probably read that stuff millions times. But does it really mean anything? You already guessed the answer: behind the marketing bluff, such empty announcements do not reflect any kind of truth: the best girl on webcam is neither on this site, neither somewhere else, because she doesn’t exist as such.

It’s tempting and financially rewarding to speak about “the” best live girls on cam. Such label of uniqueness and perfection might prove to be a total illusion, it still attracts clients and visitors like a magnet. But although the visitors might quickly find their dream live girl online, it is a personal judgment. Far from a universal one!

What could possibly turn a great model into the best girl of the whole web? Is it about the way she looks? There again, there are so many different tastes and so many different kind of beauties that the problem is impossible to solve. The best live girl on chat might be a porn-star looking blonde with generous curves and amazing body for some, while it can be a skinny, elegant and model-style woman for others. Not to mention the guys fancying average girls, or BBW and so on… So where the “best” beauty and the top live girl could possibly stand among all these ladies?

The truth is that there is not one, but many, many different beauties in this world. The greatest live girl for one customer will not be the same for the next one. And that’s good! A live girl working on any given cam site will always be able to find an audience for her shows. A live girl that is new to the business is not required to change anything about herself! “Come as you are” is the rule in this game. There is no one-size-fits-all standard of beauty. This is why most of the websites are featuring any girl who is willing to participate. Why the models don’t go through any kind of selection, you might ask? Well, simply because each one of them is the top girl of her fans. And there is room for everybody!

Difference and personal taste are great things. They are sheltering us against conformism and uniformity. I am the best girl of many customers on Stardustwebcams. But at the same time, that’s not the opinion of many others clients. I respect that. We are all different and that’s what is turning us into free-thinking, independent human beings.

I’m happy that many other guys around here love my fellow cam models and consider each one of them as the best girl of the site. Because competition is always healthy, and various tastes generates mutual enrichment! But having said that, I still send a big and very grateful kiss to all my great fans who consider me as their favorite live girl!

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