If you’re looking for great adults live shows, just don’t look any further!!!

I am a newbie to the cam business and the adults live shows, but I still believe that I landed on the right place! OK, those Stardust guys do not yet have the traffic of the 2-3 top players of the industry, but they take much better care of their clients and of their models! Other sites are also featuring good adults live shows, but those profit factory are imposing stringent and unpleasant rules to the models. Besides, they often choose to increase profits and size at the expense of customer service and high quality standards. Your favorite adults live shows are still available, but price, customer support, special events and other niceties of a great website are suddenly missing, due to cost cutting and managerial decision. That’s bad, because live chat and adults live shows should always remain a fun-oriented activity, even when they lie at the core of a serious business.

Great adults live shows and adults live performers can be found on every site. Mostly because many sites are exchanging the same models, through a network of studios from around the globe! So if the adults live shows are not really making the difference, how to choose between live chat site 1 and 2?

I guess the answer is different whether you are a model or a customer. As a model, I would say that the best site is the one that does not consider that featuring adults live content should stand for outright anarchy. Adult performers deserve respect and should look for a site that strikes a fair balance between models’ dignity and the preservation of their commercial interest. Sadly, most of the sites I started to work in didn’t give a damn about their models. Very strict rules for girls, and no rules for customers. I understand that guys should be allowed to have fun. But don’t you think that the greatest adults live shows are performed by models who enjoy their time as much as their clients? Personnally, I think so. And that is why I believe mutual respect should be a precondition for joining one of those sites.

Stardustwebcams is putting great emphasis on customer service. But at the same time, the staff is really helpful and friendly with the models. It’s not one of those “profit factory”, where models should produce as much adults live shows as possible. They listen to us, and they try their best to improve our working conditions. Besides, their profit sharing schemes are the most transparent and generous of the industry. This is why, in my view, Stardustwebcams is simply the best site to work with!

For a customer, the adults live shows on offer might be more or less the same everywhere. But here, you can be sure that they are presented by enthusiastic and motivated models that enjoy their adults live performance as much as you do! Shows are unique, un-faked, and because of the user-friendly atmosphere that prevails in every chat room, clients are often telling me that they quickly feel themselves “at home” in our great community!
I don’t want to advertise for Strardustwebcams, as I could do my adults live shows on anywhere else. But I want to thank them for the effort they made to strike a delicate balance between clients’ desire and models’ dignity. It seems that, for now, everybody is happy in this site. Hats’off !!! :)

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