I need your help ;)

So I have a bit of a dilema please comment and give me some ideas; I’d appreciate it. xo
My sister’s boyfriend is on nights for two weeks each month; I don’t have a private room to do caming during those two weeks, unless I am alone it is hard…
I did mention on my twitter I could do shower shows, but be on less hours those two weeks; he doesn’t always stay all week SOMETIMES during those weeks but he has; I am just looking for alternatives if he is.
So i could do the shower shows or even just fuck myself in the bathroom he would be sleeping during the day, but depends if you guys want to see me completely wet and i mean super wet for two weeks; I just wont be able to be on for as long of hours as I would be if i was alone.

Please give me your feedback on the idea and let me know if you have other ideas xo;)

xo Mackenzie <3

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