What can you find in the porn star section of a live adult chat site?

When entering a live adult chat site for the first time, the visitor is often lured to the most tempting section of all. That is, the one featuring porn star and other high end models with perfect body and Hollywood-style silhouette. But what can be found in those sections vary greatly from one live adult chat site to another. The porn star models on display can be real actresses looking for a part time job online. But they can also be normal webcam models, grossly overpriced and featuring a very average show. Not every live adult chat site can pride itself of a true porn star section, so be aware of the scams! Continue reading

Free sex on cam: horny pornstars are becoming scarce…

Free sex on cam might be a virtual and unjoyable world for the visitor, but the business plan underneath is experiencing severe strain. And things are not expected to go better any time soon. A good indication of the situation is the plunging number of horny pornstars willing to work on those free sex on cam structures. Horny pornstars are well paid and independent models who are doing a favor to the site they are choosing, not the other way round. The fact that they are leaving free sex on cam structures en masse is a telling indication of the dire state of those companies. What is a free sex on cam site? Well, on those sites, customer can enter any shows and watch the performer without paying anything. The performer is paid only by visitors willing to do so, through a system of tips that can be disbursed at any time. Models such as horny pornstars are usually not entering adult live chat without the certainty of earning large sums of money. For a while, it looked like the large free sex on cam sites were providing just that. Continue reading

Live cam girls on adult chat sites: why online sex shows are now better than the real thing?

Many of the gorgeous live cam girls that you will encounter on adult chat sites will tell you the same story. They love their job because it is both lucrative and highly flexible. But above everything else, before money and freedom, it is the safety of online sex shows that brought live cam girls on adult chat site in the first place. Online sex shows are often compared to the real life ones, in terms of thrill and excitement. This is true, but with one noticeable difference: on the web, both customers and live cam girls are avoiding the many disagreements of the adult industry. And this is why an adult chat site offering decent service and fairly high level of internet traffic can easily become a successful money-making business, both for the site managers and for the live cam girls performing online sex shows. Continue reading

How to choose a great adult chat site?

Finding a great model is easy. But finding the adult chat site that is right for you is slightly more difficult. There are several factors that you should look at before taking the decision of registering anywhere. Those include reputation, free viewing structure and, finally, overall atmosphere.

Why should you bother? After all, whatever the name of adult chat site you are in, as long as the live girls are sexy and sweet, who cares about the rest? Well you should: because your credit card might be at stake. When you decide to pay for a product on the net, especially when this product is adult material, you should be sure that the reputation of the vendor is rock solid. That is: no scams and fraud reported by unhappy customers. Or, if it is a huge adult chat site, very few of them… Continue reading

Best live girls on the web are right here in front of you!

Many of the guys are telling dreadful stories their long search for the right adult chat site. This is no easy task. But if you are reading those lines, don’t look any further. At Stardustwebcams, our live girls are definitely the right ones for you. Why? Several reasons for that…

First, our live girls are not just models who randomly connect with us, as they would do on any other site. Before accepting new live girls on our site, we make sure that they are highly motivated, and driven by a real passion for service. Many people think that live girls working on an adult live chat site have no dedication for their job. This is very wrong. The best live girls on the web can earn great money. I mean… Really a lot! Money talks and this is the first reason why our cherished customers can be sure that our team of live girls will be up to the task. Continue reading

Why did I start adult sex shows on the web?

Among the numerous live girls available on this adult chat site, each one will have a different answer to this question. But let’s face it: for many of us, the prime reason of being here is money. Adult sex shows are generating huge amounts of cash for the most committed and motivated live girls. I became a model one year ago and, after trying a few very bad sites, I started to perform adult sex shows here, on stardust webcams.  Nobody pays me to say that, lol, but this place has provided me a perfect working environment from day one, with a friendly staff and a great sense of belonging. Continue reading

Let us be your live chat adult finder.

Stardust webcam enjoys a rapidly growing reputation terms of customer service and performance quality. Our objective is to become the leader in live adult chat industry,  but also to provide adult finder services for customers willing to create a network of friends among the stardust community of models and visitors. Online chat is a competitive and yet sometimes disappointing industry, where customer well-being is not always considered as the absolute priority of competing websites. At Stardustwebcam, your satisfaction comes first.  And we believe that being a live chat adult finder service will help us achieve just that. What is exactly an live chat adult finder service? Although it lies at the core of our philosophy, adult finder stands aside from basic adult live chat services. Here are a few more explanations about it.

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Adult webcam sites: single chat rooms don’t tell the whole story

Granted, adult single chat sites have been up and running for a wild. They became increasingly popular and their continuing growth cannot really be considered as breaking news. However, if the single chat room is widely known to customers and even more widely profitable or site owners, a new “side-market” has emerged over the last few months, proposing new products directly derived from the adult single chat market. Their success is immense, and the appetite of customer seems to be endless. Let’s explore those new and exciting derivatives products coming out of the chat sites.

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Live girls on webcam: the next financial bonanza of the adult industry.

In the ever-growing adult online industry, live girls are virtually everywhere. While pics and other, more “static” products still have some fans, the market for live video girls on webcam is by far the most dynamic one of the web. The customer base is growing. Nowadays, many potential clients that were deterred by real-world clubs and bars are joining some adult cam sites featuring hot real live girls by hundreds, or even thousands. The process is fast, easy and discrete. The clients can enjoy their own private show any time, through their laptop, wherever they are. This newly-found convenience has brought a massive influx of new customers that never experienced live sex shows in the past. Continue reading

The unabating success of live chat video sites

Among the many gainers of the online adult industry during the last few years, one sector has relentlessly stood above the fray: adult live chat video sites. The reason behind the amazing success of chat video for adult is simple. It provides an unmatched level of interactivity and an endless choice of models from various age, style and background. Continue reading