Adult webcam sites: single chat rooms don’t tell the whole story

Granted, adult single chat sites have been up and running for a wild. They became increasingly popular and their continuing growth cannot really be considered as breaking news. However, if the single chat room is widely known to customers and even more widely profitable or site owners, a new “side-market” has emerged over the last few months, proposing new products directly derived from the adult single chat market. Their success is immense, and the appetite of customer seems to be endless. Let’s explore those new and exciting derivatives products coming out of the chat sites.

The first and perhaps more well-known option available to customers apart from chatrooms is group chat. Unlike web chat, group chat does not allow one to one show and dialog. It brings together several customers in front of one model, allowing everybody to interact and to participate in the show. For many people, group chat is a great experience, less intimate than single chat but sometimes more surprising, as other participants can provide unexpected input into the game. The success of group chat is amazing. It is the first and longest existing product derived from chat site. But some newer and even more exciting ones have just come to the market in 2011. Among them, the most daring and thrilling is probably voyeur chat.

Voyeur chat is not something “more” than the chat live room. It is actually the same thing than the single chat, minus some of the existing features presented on the original product. In voyeur chat, you can follow group chat, itself a derivative from single chat. But you have no way to interact with models and other customers. This is specifically targeting the niche of voyeur customers but the success of this new option has outreached its initially expected audience. There simply can’t be so many voyeurs! The reason why voyeur chat is so popular is that for a much smaller price than on single chat you can view the show live, although you cannot direct it. Many savvy customers are considering that it is exciting enough and that the cost of going into a fully private single chat is simply too high for their budget. Voyeur chat is an exciting and relatively cheap alternative. Here again, the success has been immediate for adult cam websites.

Site owners keep on finding new ways to increase their profits. Customers are offered new options, and some single and group chats are now recorded to create videos that are sold back later in the “archive” or “video” sections. The principle is the same than voyeur chat, except that the show is not live any more. Group or single chat is chopped and remix in order to provide attractive videos. This recycling is increasing even more the profitability of each model.
If single chat rooms remain the core of those sites business models, it is now getting clear that such private shows are the beginning of the financial spree. Not the end.

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