Adult live chat: a warm welcome to all our dear customers!

  Some people say that finding the right adult live chat site is so difficult that you should not even bother trying. Adult live chat is indeed a very tricky business, both for the models and the customers. The bad practice of adult live chat sites range from careless and messy management to outright fraud and scams. When choosing your next adult live chat website, you should take a lot of time to browse the free pages available: if those do not exist, and if an immediate payment is asked upfront to browse the model pages, you can be sure that this is a scam. A honest site will always allow you to walk around for a given amount of time, and to come back whenever you feel like, without taking any subscription. To pick the right adult live chat site, the Golden rule is to pay only when you are sure to be in the right place. Make sure the adult live chat service has a hotline, and make sure that it answers correctly. If you don’t want to bear the extra cost of a phone call, email them to check the quality of the answer.

Granted, managing an adult live chat site is no easy task. Bringing models and customers together require professional and highly coordinated teams, coupled with a solid technical and computing experience. Barriers of entry are huge, and adult live chat is definitely not a business for beginners. You need a deep pocketed investor, as well as committed and efficient managers to monitor the whole process. At Stardust webcams, we have all that. However, over the last month, we have experienced massive difficulties due to server related problems. Before that, our whole marketing and promotion campaign needed to be rethought and fine-tuned, in order to become more efficient. Now those problems are solved, but we want to take this opportunity to apologies one more time to our dear customers and to our dear adult live chat models as well! The adult live chat industry is a challenging business where every day, websites need to reinvent themselves in order to keep –or to gain- a leading position.

As for any other business, we believe that transparency is essential. The customer of an adult live chat site needs to be constantly updated in case a problem occurs. Many of our competitors in the adult live chat market tend to think otherwise. Some technicians even advised us to “run away” when our server failed and create a new site under a different name. Well, we will never do these kinds of things. Adult live chat services might be adult-related business, but this is exactly why we need to bring crystal clear assessment of the situation to our customer. Stardust webcams does not want to be one adult live chat site among the others. We will do our utmost best to become an unrivalled symbol of quality, outstanding customer service and absolute reliability in the adult live chat market. For this reason, all our team will work extremely hard to make sure that you spend an unforgettable moment with our Ladies…

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